Searching for the best online casino games

Whether you are new at online casinos or have been at it for years, one thing is certain, the online casino landscape in New Zealand has changed over the years. There are always new offerings and choices to be made as new casino operators enter the market. In order to help New Zealand players make informed decisions on playing the best online casino games, this article will look at factors to consider when deciding. Broadly the factors to consider will be: Firstly, look at the playability of the online casino games. The main aim of visiting a casino should be entertainment and fun and this all depends on the casino games on offer. The games selection should be evaluated in terms of design and functionality but also the variety on offer. Look for the RTP values to identify the highest-paying games. The second factor is service: The customer service and player support staff need to be knowledgeable and available to deal with any issue speedily. Lastly a casino's bonuses should be evaluated in terms how attractive they are and what the wagering requirements attached to them are. Also, does the casino offer welcome bonuses for new players and continuous daily deals to keep loyal players retained.

Selecting a safe and trustworthy casino

Before any of the above factors can be evaluated, New Zealand online casino players need to take a step back and first identify a legitimate and trustworthy casino before the above game-specific factors can be investigated. The main concern should always be if the online casino is fully licensed in an authoritative jurisdiction. The chosen casino should publicly display its license issued by a known and trustworthy gaming authority. A reputable casino operating license is not easy or cheap to come by and any online casino that takes the time and effort to obtain this license proves that it is committed about its intent and protecting its reputation online. It further shows that it values the promotion of fair-play, responsible gambling and transparency as these are important issues to gain player trust and forge long term relationships. The name and logo of the gaming authority should be prominently displayed on the casino site's home page and should look something like this: 'Licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority.' Take note that not all gaming jurisdictions are created equal. The main differences in these licenses is how much protection it affords the players and the level of regulation or oversight there is.

Players also need to look at the variety of online game developers and providers that supply games to the online casino. As with the casino itself, these providers also need to be licensed and regulated by an authoritative gaming authority. Furthermore, players can also look for or request audited reports that show that payout percentages and return to player (RTP) values are regularly checked and vetted by independent bodies. The online games provider should also be able to make the same reports available around their games and the underlying random number generators that power the games. The RNG should also be audited so that players can be assured that no changes have been made to the functionality and that they function as they should to ensure that fair gaming principles are adhered to. In terms of security, look for evidence that the casino site protects its financial transactions and player data with security protocols like SSL encryption. This encryption technology should be used with top firewall and anti-fraud measures so that player details are protected and stored securely. Another trust factor is a certification that the casino aims to abide by fair play and will promote responsible gaming practises.

Casinos offering fast & secure payment options

When you are considering to play at an online casino that caters for the New Zealand market, an important aspect to consider is the casino's banking options. There should be a selection of payment options that should be accessible to New Zealand players and the casino should offer support for the NZ$ currency. The latter means that gameplay, deposits, bonus selections, withdrawals, casino promotions, casino game table- and bet limits and bet sizes should all be listed and displayed in NZ$. This allows players to confidently transact with the casino without having to continuously make exchange rate conversion calculations or even pay monetary conversion rates. The casino should also offer and support the most popular banking methods. The casino's cashier system should be user friendly and easily understood so that the funding of the player's account and withdrawing funds process is as stress-free as possible. An initial investigation in the payment processes can be as simple as visiting the casino's payments page. There should be a list of payment methods that the casino will accept when the player makes a deposit and similarly for the withdrawal process. Further on, this article will look at some deposit options that should be supported as a minimum.

  • Debit and credit cards
  • Wire transfers
  • E-wallets – PayPal, Neteller, Skrill etc.
  • EFT

In general making financial transactions at an online casino is a fraught topic and often misunderstood. Financial payment options that the casino should support as a minimum in New Zealand are: Firstly, Debit cards and credit cards are of the more reliable and safe methods available to deposit funds into the casino account. It facilitates the immediate transfer of funds so that there is minimal disruption in gambling time. Wire transfers are another option. This has remained a staple payment option with many online gamblers around the world due to the anonymity it affords the player. Although it does not have the same processing speed as that of debit or credit cards, players can use this and play without having to be concerned about their activity being visible. E-wallets such as Skrill, PayPal and Neteller have gained in popularity in recent years as a way to transfer money into the casino account. Although they require initial setup processes, they are very safe to use and also allows the player to enjoy some anonymity coupled with transfer speed. There are also other payment methods supported such as EFT transfers and if you do your research thoroughly you might even find some old school casinos that accept cheques.


What should I avoid?

If your research into an online casino shows that a casino has been identified as rogue or appears on a blacklist then this is a very big reason to immediately steer clear of that casino and any others that might identify as being part of the same casino operator group If you find that a casino appears of a blacklist, then there is a good reason for it and nothing good will come from pursuing this casino as an option even if it publicly claims on the contrary. Normally a casino will appear on a blacklist if it fails any of the criteria and factors that this article lists above. Some unscrupulous methods that casinos employ to make them appear on rogue casino blacklists are as follows: Firstly, they can prevent players from receiving their money from winnings by stalling on the withdrawal process. They can also manipulate game results if their games providers are not legit. Another way to cheat players is to provide little or unresponsive customer support. If a casino does not provide a safe and secure transacting and playing experience or risking exposure of player financial and personal data then this is a sure way to get called out and blacklisted. Join online forums and steer clear of casinos that cause negative comments.